9 April 2006

US Prepares Nuclear Strike on Iran

ZAMAN DAILY NEWSPAPER (2006040931830): "An article to be published by the New Yorker magazine on April 17 claimed the George W. Bush administration views the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as a potential Adolf Hitler and is preparing a strike on Iran’s nuclear sites, suspected of making nuclear weaponry.
Written by Pulitzer-awarded prominent journalist Seymour Hersh, who disclosed the Abu Ghraib scandal, the article says the nuclear operation is based on a former top level intelligence official and a Defense Department official.
The distinguished journalist had claimed in another news article published by the same magazine in January 2005 that after Iraq the next stop of the US’s war on terror would be Iran.
The news escalated tension between Tehran and Washington.
Hersh later wrote the American commandos spotted the possible targets through the secret operations carried out in Iran.
According to Hersh’s article, the White House is convinced the only way to resolve the nuclear crisis is to change the power structure in Iran.
A Pentagon source says, “this means war,” while a former intelligence official describes the US’s preparations as large-scale, hustle, and operational.
The article claims the US’s military preparations are based on the belief that a bombing campaign against Iran would humiliate its religious leadership and lead the Iranian public to overthrow the government.
Hersh informs the US President Bush has recently been holding a series of confidential meetings with the Senate and the House of Representatives members about the plans over Iran and says one of the targets is Natanz, suspected of producing nuclear weapons.
According to Hersh, Washington plans to use B61-11 tactical nuclear weapons to destroy this plant; however, it is "

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