23 April 2006

Bourne Research : Insight : April 18, 2006

Bourne Research : Insight : April 18, 2006: "SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 18, 2006 – Silver nanoparticles are emerging as one of the fastest growing product categories in the Nanotechnology industry, according to Bourne Research (http://www.bourneresearch.com). The market research firm reports that the ability to produce particles of silver at the nanoscale is allowing companies to leverage its known antimicrobial properties in ways never before imagined as an effective means of infection control.
“Silver nanoparticles may very well become the next “it” product, much like antibacterial soaps took the consumer sector by storm a decade ago,” says Marlene Bourne, Principal Analyst with Bourne Research. “Of course, some are concerned that being too clean is perpetuating the rise of allergies and autoimmune diseases, but there are many applications where its use makes perfect sense.”
Bourne Research reports that the medical sector was one of the first on board where end-uses have already migrated from burn dressings to surgical instruments and hand sanitizers. In addition, a recent study by a leading supplier of textiles to hospitals showed a dramatic reduction of infectious microbes in curtains embedded with silver nanoparticles. Sportswear manufacturers are also embracing its use to prevent odor in clothing. In the home, consumers can already find washing machines, refrigerators, HVAC filters, brooms and even food containers that employ silver nanoparticles to kill bacteria and limit mold growth – and this is just the beginning.
More details about the growing use of silver nanoparticles can be found in The Bourne Report, a unique series of market research reports from Bourne Research. The Bourne Report offers the most insightful market analysis available on emerging technologies, with a fo"

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