16 April 2006

Copper Stock Valuations

Apr 17, 2006 Copper Stock Valuations Adam Hamilton 321gold . . . Inc: "Few things move big companies more rapidly than earnings surprises, and the combination of massive positive earnings surprises coupled with extremely cheap valuations is a perfect recipe for elite copper stocks to really thrive in the months ahead. And even if copper corrects back to $2.25 or even its 200dma near $2.00, copper mining profits will still remain huge compared to the low copper stock prices for months or years to come.
In light of these dazzling copper stock fundamentals and their huge potential as more investors figure out what bargains they are, I believe it is very important that commodities-stock investors be diversified into elite copper and other base metals miners.
In our current Zeal Intelligence newsletter published in early April, I outline several elite copper majors as well as many more diversified miners with low P/Es and heavy base metals exposure. These elite companies' low valuations suggest their bulls are just getting started despite their excellent stock performance over the past year.
While I'm a mere mortal and cannot see the future, it does look like the odds favor a lot of big institutional interest in copper and base metals miners once their utterly spectacular Q1 results are released. If you want a shot at getting ahead of this wave, please subscribe to our acclaimed monthly newsletter today to read about these specific-stock opportunities. New e-mail PDF-edition subscribers will get this current issue free, your paid subscription will start in May.
The bottom line is copper stocks are overwhelmingly trading at extremely low valuations today. Since copper has advanced so much in percentage terms in its own bull, its producers are really exemplifying awesome profits leverage in the real world. Today's low copper stock valuations prove "

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