11 April 2006

Australia offers world's best returns

New Zealand's source for business, stock market & currency news on Stuff.co.nz: Australia offers world's best returns: "Mining company Oxiana topped the group, returning 90.3 per cent TSR a year. But the much-talked about resource boom was not reflected in mining companies dominating returns. Macquarie Goodman (86 per cent), Metcash (71.5 per cent), Caltex (60.3 per cent) and Unitab (48.3 per cent) rounded out the top five.
The supplement was released as an addition to BCG's Balancing Act, the firm's seventh annual study of corporate value creation.
That study shows that, globally, the travel, transport, and tourism industry group and the utilities industry group tied for best TSR, at 7 per cent a year.
Industrial goods, Australia's best performers on an industry basis at 13 per cent, returned 6 per cent globally. Technology and media, and entertainment turned in the worst global industry group performances, costing shareholders 15 and 10 per cent, respectively. "

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