4 April 2006

Silver $15.13 next stop..

Kitco Casey - Gold, Silver and Natural Resource Stock Quotes, Share Research and Analysis: "The Hightower Report’s take on Monday’s action: “The silver market continues to lead the precious metals markets to even higher levels. The close Monday was well above the prior high close and that seemed to embolden the bull camp. It is possible that silver market was indeed taking some early direction from the overt and significant strength in the copper market, as many traders took the huge copper gains as a sign of intense fund interest in all the metals markets.

“In the end, seeing equities strong and energy prices exhibiting significant volatility seemed to suggest that investment and inflation themes were serving to drive buyers toward the silver market. With the silver market rising back toward the Friday highs of $11.77, in the May contract, it is possible that some in the trade are beginning to look ahead to the next higher historical price reference point of $15.13, that was forged back in August of 1983. In the end, ongoing inflation talk, soaring gold prices, flight to quality buying interest off rising oil prices seemed to whip up already surging investment demand in silver. For the time being, the bull camp seems to have a series of elements working in its favor!”"

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