22 June 2009

Will Martin Weiss publish my comment? I doubt it..


I hope your high end services have improved. I'm skeptical of your web presence. This is why. In 2004 I subscribed to your Interest Rate Options advisory to make money on your expected spike in rates. It was $5000 dollars per annum, if I recall correctly, I got six months for 2500.
I staked $10000 and opened an account to trade US options.

The account was gone in three months. Nearly every trade was covered at a loss. Your vague general apology was noted but no refunds were offered.
I would say on that basis your all hype and no responsibility. You leveraged your credibility and wiped me out when I was a timing newbie.

How can you live with yourself without taking responsibility and take yourself seriously when you hired an idiot to run a timing service that was doomed from the start by way of his sloppy rather conventional trades that foundered on a bad premise and poor execution and then go on to make similar promises.

If you had offered a refund and a free turn with a high end timing service of yours with a track record of success, assuming one actually exists, I might have kept faith.

You leverage your cred and hype the news and claim to be for the little guy, but you just take the money and run, apparently, and rely on your massive addy budget for new suckers to arrive.

What else can I infer from my experience.

Martin Weiss, you cost me 15K in six months, it was genius..but it wasn't about timing.

What are you going to do about it?


Anonymous said...

I was just about to subscribe to Martin Weiss Foundation Alliance service, but your message put me off. Thanks for the warning. Good luck in future trading.

kevin said...

I think some timing services offer excellent value. I intend to write about them. I would strongly recommend a look at Hulberts which rate newsletters. With a solid grounding in the realities of your own psychology and discipline when it comes to process, markets offer endless entertainment and for masters, wealth.

Know yourself, purge all gambling notions and forget about outcomes of any investment and focus on the process of risk management. Having masrered that, many service providers have wonders on sale.

Otherwise commit a little to a guru with a track record, Martin Weiss isn't in that catagory, but Hulbert has the drill on that.

Thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

I too feel Weiss is wrong on most events. I have lost over 20,000 dollars in two years on Weiss's major investment advisories. He is a marketing mastermind , not a stock market genius. Dave Stepelton

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Weiss appears to carefully select his cronies such that at least one of them is right at any given time even if the others are all wrong! Failed strategies are forgotten about while he trumpets the winners. The man is a weasel and I honestly don't know how he sleeps at night.