17 June 2009

No capital flight from China, more so the US

Bonds are all about war and empire finance.

Graph #1 is the Japanese carry trade year. Graph #2 is the collapse of global finances year. Note that London funneled massive amounts of foreign money into the US. Now, it is flowing the other way. And Japan funneled most of its international funny money which was denominated in dollars, to Europe in 2006-2007 while a year later, the flow switches suddenly from Europe straight to the US.

China is the ball at the top and the US flow to China was big in 2006 and then, this money flowed to the pirate islands in the Caribbean which is the ball near the bottom. OPEC is the ball at the very bottom of the graph. Notice that the Chinese money flowed from the pirate coves back into the US. Now, the OPEC nations are using euros so money is flowing from Europe to OPEC while money is flowing OUT of the US to the PIRATES [thanks to Bernanke and Geithner bailing out all these criminals!] and this money is flowing to…CHINA!!!

Now, isn’t that funny as hell? Money is NOT flowing out of China at all.


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