27 June 2009

"Peter Pan" moves on: MJ rests in the music Valhalla

He was, by any measure, a true giant of popular music. On one level his songs were catchy and memorable. He was a superb pop dancer who created moves every viewer wanted to emulate. He knew how to surround himself with the best musicians. It was no accident that the great jazz maestro Quincy Jones produced his most successful albums; that Eddie Van Halen appeared on Thriller; and that even someone as unlikely as Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash appeared on both his Dangerous and HIStory albums.

He was a daring innovator who saw the potential of the pop video and created an environment where the likes of Prince and Madonna could explore his ideas innovatively.

For the generations who grew up with his music the sight of a very young Michael singing ABC with the Jackson 5 and dancing with the ghouls on the unforgettable Thriller video clip will be images and sounds that will last a lifetime.

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