22 January 2009

Proof of the flow of power and gold from West to East

An astonishing price pattern demonstrates the transfer of gold from West to East at best, and at worst crude manipulation of Comex gold. In any case a generational shift in wealth and power is taking place.

"Twice a day – at 10:30AM and 3PM - the price of gold is set on the London market by the five members of the London Gold Pool (HSBC, SocGen, Deutsche Bank, Scotia-Mocata and Barclays). This is known as the London fix and it's used as the benchmark to price gold, gold products and derivatives in markets around the world.

I've been looking at some charts and an astonishing pattern has become apparent. It's a pattern which, if you'd traded it methodically, would have earned you 1% a week over a period of 24 years. That compounds to a staggering 24,720,000%!

What is this spectacular strategy? Read on…
The astonishing pattern in London gold fixing

The strategy is really quite simple. You buy gold at the London PM fix (3PM), as the American markets have just opened for trading, and you sell your gold the following morning at the London AM fix (10:30AM), as the Asian markets are closing.

My thanks, as always, to Tom Fischer of Herriot Watt University for the charts below. The first demonstrates the weekly 1% gain that would have been yours since 1985 (the green line).

And, as our next chart shows, if you reversed the strategy, bought gold at the AM fix and sold at the PM fix, you'd be down a bankrupting 0.67% per week."

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