4 October 2008

Welcome back to History

"RC JOURNAL: Trend Line Assumptions

Here are some assumptions that underly all current activities related to the global financial crises:
Optimistic long term outcomes. Things are going to get better. Pollyanna mindsets.
The system, as it is currently configured, is the best possible or the only possible system. Faith in ideology.
Nation-states, singularly or collectively, are bigger and stronger than the financial/market system. The US is the guardian of this system. 20th Century legacy thinking.

The above assumptions lead to offensive (all we need to do is find the right leader) or reactive (whack a mole) mindset/policy. If you reverse them, you develop a defensive and opportunistic mindset/policy."

Here is something from your host anyways, I say that equlibrium theory and the end of history notions have doomed the self interested financial maths makers. Confused an american dollar based extra-terratorial electronic debt bubble with the permanent status quo.

I say we are on our way to a whole new chaotic attractor and that nobody has a clue as to how we get there from here.

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