11 October 2008

A must read: Japan Might Drop US Fiat Dollar Trade Use!

Money Matters: Japan Might Drop US Fiat Dollar Trade Use!: "Shocking news: the US is now the world's #40 banking power. Behind nearly everyone, even El Salvador? Wow! Also, Nikkei News shoots across the US banking prow: they are considering dropping the US dollar as their trade currency!!!! OH MY GOD. Here it comes! The end of the US fiat currency era. The only question is, will Germany and Japan form a deal where the euro replaces the dollar? Or will China step in and finally put us out of our misery? They said to me in 1986, 'I be bank' once they figured out how international banking worked. And I discuss the IMF, IMF riots and China's relations with the IMF. Boy, are we in for a heap of trouble."

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