12 October 2008

Supkis notes a fairy tale gone wrong

It is obvious that the moving costs for taking this stinking pile of shit will fall on the US. Everyone wants us to shovel this mess out the door so they can REFILL THE STABLES WITH MORE. Hercules himself couldn't clean this banking stable out! Not if he shoveled for all eternity. This leaves the Goddesses who want the stables cleaned only one option: to burn down the barn entirely. With all the livestock inside. And believe me, being goddesses and having access to unlimited destructive abilities, they will nuke these stables if necessary.

This fills me with rage. The goddesses love traditional banking with limits and run by sober, careful guardians. They purr like cats when things run smoothly and people are not greedy or stupid. If we approach them with care and offerings of burnt money, for example, the goddesses will let us take a small amount of free money from them! All fairy tales agree that the good people, when they come to the cave of infinite wealth, take only a very small amount, just enough. And the greedy brother/king/stepmother always runs to the cave and tried to take everything. And is destroyed. This is so common in fairy tales, it also stretches across the entire planet. In Japan, in Russia, in Germany, in Spain, in Africa, in all the Middle East, these stories are always the same!

Indeed, the place these stories came out of is from Pharaonic Egypt, 8,000 years ago, the Indus valley and the city states of Ur and such, thousands of years ago. We must heed these cautionary tales!

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