4 November 2008

Rumours about Gold circulating

To all; for several years now I have believed that the U.S. Dollar would fail and be replaced with a "new system". I went out to supper last night and asked for the bill, the waiter went to get it and I burst out laughing. For some reason I began thinking about how stupid it is to have a system where someone gives you a product or service and you give them a piece of paper. The local currency as are all paper currencies, is not backed by anything. Yes the government has a couple $ Billion held as currency reserves but of course financially the US is "the worst in show" and Dollar reserves should now be thought of as an anvil around ones neck.

The links posted above displays further posturing for the change coming to our financial system. Mr. Putin and other global leaders have come to the same conclusions, ie. why do they send goods to the US or other nations and accept "pieces of paper" in the form of Dollar credits? This reformation of Bretton Woods will also encompass the ideology of the Basel II agreement. In other words the world is going to demand more clarity of balance sheets, more banking reserves [which means less leverage], and in general a return to a more conservative financial stance similar to days past.

Recently we have been hearing of ".899" Gold turning up all over the world. Believe it or not, Gold has its own fingerprint or "DNA" so to speak. The speculation is that this .899 Gold is actually metal received from the confiscation back in 1933. Back then the government made it illegal to hold Gold personally, recalled Gold coins and melted them into bars that were stored in West Point, N.Y.. If it turns out that this .899 Gold is in fact from West Point there will be hell to pay. Already on a global basis, Gold is becoming scarce and difficult to obtain physically. If the world perceives that coin melt Gold is being dishoarded we could witness a global panic into the metal. For over 60 years the US has been thought of as having the largest Gold holdings on the planet, can you imagine the ramifications if the world began to believe that we were selling Gold from the bottom of the barrel?

The real dilemma this is. The Dollar system has broken down and the world must move, but how? Foreigners have three choices, they can do nothing and watch the Dollar [and their own currencies] hyperinflate while trying to prevent credits, assets and markets from imploding. They can try to make a "currency basket" to replace the Dollar [which equates to a bunch of cripples leaning on a bunch of cripples]. Or they can figure out how big and how deep the "Dollar holes" are in their balance sheets and then they would compare the size of the holes to the amount of Gold they hold and simply mark the price up to to replace or fill the smoking Dollar holes.

I believe this third option is what will eventually happen. I think that global bankers will try to estimate how many Dollars have infested their systems, these will be more or less marked down and/or off. The Gold audits will begin and once they figure out at what level Gold must rise to offset these evaporated Dollar assets, credits and debts then.....walla! a new Gold price! We have fought against western efforts to suppress Gold and Silver for over 10 years now, I think it ironic that it will be governments that must remark their bullion to morph into the new financial system. This will not be a wind at our backs, it will be a category 5 hurricane that will effect a markup almost overnight. Regards, Bill H…

On the same…

Hi Bill, I just had a "thought from the past" that was buried deep. I don't know if you remember this or not but back in 1990 or '91 about 1 month before the Soviet Union fell, gold with the Czar's stamp started turning up worldwide. The Soviets were dumping "unpure" Gold similar to the coin melt for use as hard currency. I told my wife at the time that the jig was up as soon as I had heard this news. I think the same thing is now happening with the coin melt bars. They are down to the bottom of the barrel! Regards, Bill H.

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