9 November 2008

Rant of the day ~ Collapse

Comes from Patrick Henry, Armchair economist

Hedge Fund Collapse - Major - (excerpts)

I predict and have been saying for some months now that we will experience a major hedge fund collapse soon. This will be larger than the collapse last year of the of $9 billion hedge fund Amaranth Advisors....

Also it is fascinating to see how desperately this entire process is failing...

Not even the idiots making decisions to bail out industries in Washington right now have the stomach to hand over the money to the likes of Cerebus. They would go to jail for something like that.

What if Chrysler / GMAC / Cerebus all go down the tubes? What a party that would be.

Don't be stupid. Shake all preconceived notions about the US stock market being a place to put your money for your future. The world is being reshaped as we speak and until the idiots running our government have the "balls" (for lack of a better word) to shut down the massive unregulated markets that trash the global financial system for a living and admit all of the norms that have defined the functioning of the capital markets have been completely destroyed by this massive unregulated market and their creation of "products" to place their highly leveraged bets, normal people must stay as far from this circus as possible.

If you are saving for your future, get out of the sucker's stock market before it becomes an empty dustbin.

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