8 June 2006


Macmin Silver Ltd. - Free Market News Network: "Macmin Silver Ltd has signed a contract with Mearns Environmental Contracting Pty Ltd for an equipment fleet to commence mining at Twin Hills. The equipment comprises one Komatsu PC 1000 Hydraulic Excavator and three Caterpillar 773 off highway Rear Dump Trucks, which will be on site from July 1. This agreement provides that Mearns supplies the equipment and maintenance services whilst Macmin will supply the operators.

The arrival of the mining fleet will permit the Company to speed up its earthmoving activities on site. These activities initially include moving recently blasted rock from the storm containment dam; shifting and stockpiling alluvium in readiness for the next round of heap leach area preparation; and commencing the digging of waste and ore from the pit.

The Company has commenced discussions with Inglewood Shire Council on the possible use of ‘grey' water from the Texas townsite sewerage treatment plant. The water would be used in the processing plant and would serve as an alternate supplementary water supply in conjunction with the currently identified water resources on the site."

I think this one's a real sleeper! REAL POTENTIAL

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