24 June 2006

Science Panel Backs Study on Warming Climate - New York Times

Science Panel Backs Study on Warming Climate - New York Times: "'I saw nothing that spoke to me of any manipulation,' said one member, Peter Bloomfield, a statistics professor at North Carolina State University. He added that his impression was the study was 'an honest attempt to construct a data analysis procedure.'
More broadly, the panel examined other recent research comparing the pronounced warming trend over the last several decades with temperature shifts over the last 2,000 years. It expressed high confidence that warming over the last 25 years exceeded any peaks since 1600. And in a news conference here today, three panelists said the current warming was probably, but not certainly, beyond any peaks since the year 900.
The experts said there was no reliable way to make estimates for surface-temperature trends in the first millennium A.D.
In the report, the panel stressed that the significant remaining uncertainties about climate patterns over the last 2,000 years did not weaken the scientific case that the current warming trend was caused mainly by people, through the buildup of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. "

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