8 June 2006

It’s Time To Jump Back in Precious Metals and Mining Shares With Both Feet Again - GoldSeek.com

It’s Time To Jump Back in Precious Metals and Mining Shares With Both Feet Again - GoldSeek.com: "Like it or not, http://www.gata.org and its major supporters like Bill Murphy, James Turk and John Embry (Sprott) have been far more right than wrong in their predictions that the once believed “overhang” of supply (that so many of their critics constantly predicted) would not materialize. To what level there’s been manipulation or not to me isn’t as important as the “fact” that these gentlemen have been far more right than the very critics who called them nuts for even believing such manipulation was/is occurring. They at least proved (and its much more than this) that it’s better to be right for the wrong reasons than wrong for the right reasons. What’s most crucial about GATA’s work IMHO, is the Central Banks just don’t have the large quantities of gold the Andy Smith’s of the world (I assume this ardent gold bear is still alive somewhere) used to claim will overhang gold forever and thus gold would never see $500. (Now that I think about it, whatever happened to that money manager on ROB-TV who used to claim his grandchildren would never see $500 gold?). I think it’s foolish not to at least value GATA’s work on the same level of all my other work and urge you to make it part of your gold research as well.

n While I believe geopolitical “safe haven” status is going to continue to benefit gold for the foreseeable future, I think the next up leg is going to be driven by the fall of the U.S. Dollar. Please re-read my April 4th report at
http://www.grandich.com/docs/alertGL_04-04-06.pdf . If you’re going to value my observations in a serious manner, then I want you to imprint the following on the palm "

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