23 June 2006

No new evidence WMDs were stockpiled

Kansas City Star | 06/23/2006 | No new evidence WMDs were stockpiled: "Intelligence officials say the records on prewar Iraq come in a partly declassified report.

“This is an incredibly … significant finding.” “… a desperate claim by those who wish that we could find some new way to rationalize the ongoing devastation in Iraq.”
Sen. Rick Santorum, Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Jane Harman, California Democrat

WASHINGTON | - WASHINGTON | A new, partly declassified intelligence report provides no new evidence that Saddam Hussein stockpiled weapons of mass destruction just before the U.S.-led invasion, U.S. intelligence officials said Thursday.
The report says that about 500 munitions containing degraded chemical weapons have been found in Iraq since the March 2003 invasion."

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