31 May 2006

Ronald Rosen _ Esoteric Gold Price Predictions!

Kitco - Contributed Commentaries - Ronald Rosen: "The actual highs and lows are indicated on the chart using # to indicate when they arrived. The numbers in the circle at the edge of the chart, top and bottom, indicate when the highs and lows are due. The next Delta medium turning point for gold is a high due July 12. The range for arrival is between June 28th and August 9th. In a strong bull move the highs tend to arrive late. You can see that there was a very powerful move up to the recent # 1 high. The reverse is true for powerful down moves. The colored vertical lines are the “Laser” light that Jim Sloman discovered. They produced the Holographic effect that allows us to know when the highs and lows will occur. The number of turning points is different for different groups of commodities and stocks. The four vertical colored lines repeat ad infinitum. The number of turning points between the vertical colored lines remains constant for each commodity, stock group, and index as far into the future as you want to go. There always are the same number of turning points between the colored vertical lines. The Delta turning points are truly an amazing discovery. They are not perfect accuracy. They give us the perfect order of highs and lows within an approximate period of time. The period of time has been researched using a massive computer study and going back 200 years."

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