9 May 2006

A Look Into Jim Rogers' Crystal Ball

Resource Investor - Interviews - A Look Into Jim Rogers' Crystal Ball: "JOHANNESBURG (Business Day) -- Jim Rogers shoots to prominence as co-founder of Quantum with U.S. multi-billionaire George Soros. The international best-selling author more recently achieves investment cult status with prophetic views on commodities. Below is an interview with Classic Business Day on the current state of the market.
LINDSAY WILLIAMS: Jim Rogers has been on Classic Business Day a few times, and his preference for commodities has proved spectacularly correct - maybe more correct than even Jim thought! Jim, as I said in my introduction, commodities continue moving up, but it seems to be gathering momentum - have these moves surprised you at all?

JIM ROGERS: Not in general terms - it has more than tripled in the last seven-and-a-half years. As you may remember I started a commodities index fund on 1 August 1998 - it’s up maybe 250% since then, which is a pretty hefty move - but it’s seven-and-a-half-years. In the end - as with all bull markets - when we get to the end in five, 10 or 15 years it’s going to startle everybody, including me, and I’m the bull. But that’s the way bull markets are - who would’ve thought that the Nasdaq would have gone up 10 times, who would’ve thought that Cisco would’ve gone up 100 times in the stock bull market - but that’s what happens in bull markets.
LINDSAY WILLIAMS: The bull market in oil has continued to surprise people it got very close to $75 a barrel the other day, maybe we could start with that - has it still got legs?
JIM ROGERS: Sure, and how. There may well be some setbacks - there should be - but adjust it for inflation and oil should be over $100 a barrel, and it’s going to go there because nobody�"

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