16 May 2006

Backdoor Found in Diebold Voting Machines

PCWorld.com - Backdoor Found in Diebold Voting Machines: "Last week, the voting watchdog organization Black Box Voting published a report detailing how Diebold's TS6 and TSx touch-pad voting machines could be compromised by taking advantage of 'backdoor' features designed to allow new software to be installed on the systems.
Finnish security researcher Harri Hursti discovered backdoors in the systems boot loader software, in the OS, and in the Ballot Station software that it runs to tabulate votes.
'These are built-in features, all three of them,' said Black Box Voting Founder Bev Harris. If a malicious person had access to a Diebold machine, the back doors could be exploited to falsify election results on the system, she said"

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