18 May 2006

Orderly Stampede

Kitco - Contributed Commentaries - Richard Daughty: "The famous letter that Iran sent Bush has been completely dismissed by the White House and by the American press, but not here at the Mogambo Bunker. And the reason is that it said that democracy has failed, and boy, oh boy, are the Iranians ever right about that!
It is democracy run amok here in America that has produced a huge, suffocating, expensive, socialist, communist, fascist system of local, state and federal government that consumes almost half of the income in the country. And then gives a monthly check to almost half of the people in America. And it is a government system that employs one out of every six workers in the whole country.
And why is the government doing this? Because the people, democratically, have created that kind of government! Year after year after year, decade after decade, they elected and re-elected people who actually campaign on a platform of providing a free lunch to more, and then more, and then yet more 'deserving' people and organizations. This is insane! This is absolutely, preposterously, my-head-is-exploding, I-can't-believe-I'm-seeing-this insane! And if that ain't failure of democracy, then what in the hell is it?
And as for the Iranian's call for a more 'religion-based' economy, the Bible is full of timeless, correct, and classic economic wisdom, all the way from the insistence on honest weights and measures to the admonition to 'neither a borrower nor a lender be.'
If we had merely (if nothing else!) adhered to the requirement of honest weights and measures, for example, then our money would still be gold (or function like it), inflation would always be zero, and there would be no frightening income mal-distributions (which is the condition where there are some people who are very, very"

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