14 May 2009

Opinionated technical traders right anyway..

I'm struck this morning on the extent to which some technical commentators insert unsupported personal opinions into their work, on ever damn thing!

Great HUI Chart Peter...

Peter on abortion.... in the same short piece...

In my last article I lamented the fact that Mr. Obama made it a priority to sign legislation that exports abortion to foreign countries at American taxpayer expense.

I pointed this out to show that the President is not a compassionate individual. After all he chose death over life! He has voted for abortions right up to the 9th month after conception.

On overpopulation...

All of the human beings alive today can stand up in the city of Detroit!
All of the human beings alive today, grouped into fours can have a townhouse in Texas!
All of the human beings alive today, grouped by four can have a home with an acre of land in Australia!

On "Peak Oil"

The world is not likely to ever run out of resources. Even crude oil, which is today being used up 5 times faster than new discoveries are made, is actually a constantly renewing resource.

But, he is probably right about Gold, I guess...


No personal opinions from Edward Gofsky apart from the breakout..

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