16 May 2009

GOLD WILL REACH $3000 ~ Willie

GOLD WILL REACH $3000 BEFORE THIS CHAPTER OF US HISTORY IS FULLY WRITTEN. SILVER WILL REACH $100 BEFORE THE LAST CHAPTER IS WRITTEN. These are easy targets. A tipping point comes just over the horizon, and the Hat Trick Letter is prepared to identify it. A massive spillover is due soon, from the money printing coffers into the streets where they people live and work and shop. When they finally receive the so-called money, it will be worth less than before, and might be worthless altogether. We are witnessing the heart attacks and seizures to the banks, the ambulances for the people, the weeds for the businesses, and the alzheimers for the press, as Pied Pipers run rampant and the USGovt vacillates between touches of fascism and communism. Sit back and watch, because we are in for a wild ride on the Weimar roller coaster. Not one in a thousand Americans even knows what that means. Try to avoid being a lamb at the slaughterhouse.

Jim Willie

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