22 May 2009

"Olduvai Theory" ~ Do you buy it?

I don't because we have the means for a new technological and energy revolution. But the paper is usefull in that it demonstrates that the current energy order is unsustainable.

A new paper on the subject is worthy of a read.

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Anonymous said...

I recommend the film "A Crude Awakening" as a good complement to reading about Olduvai Theory. I would maintain that understanding our complete dependence on petroleum (both individually and as a global civilization) is necessary to fully appreciate the theory. Of particular import is the lack of any replacement energy source that can match the raw btu's available in one barrel of light sweet crude. Another paper by the same author that I found interesting can be found at http://www.warsocialism.com/duncan_tscq_07.pdf.

To answer the originally posed question: yes.