18 December 2008

Martin Weiss finally acknowledges Deflation

Just before hyperinflation strikes in the US. And he is ready to sell you a way to get rick quick because of it...

"Nearly 40,000 concerned investors registered to get answers to protect and grow their wealth in this disturbing new deflationary environment, and “Thank You” e-mails are already flooding in from across America and around the world.

The timing for this emergency briefing couldn’t have been better. Just yesterday, the U.S. Department of Labor announced that — just as we’ve warned — deflation now has the U.S. economy in its icy grip:

Its CPI report revealed consumer prices plunged by a bone-chilling 1.7% in November alone. If it continued at that pace for a year, it would be a 20% deflation — fully twice the plunge in consumer prices we saw during The Great Depression nearly 80 years ago!

No wonder Fed Chief Bernanke panicked. No wonder he slashed interest rates to a range between .25% and ZERO! But even Bernanke’s desperation play doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of ending this deflationary spiral.

The reason: Bernanke is addressing the wrong problem!

The fact is, we didn’t get into this mess because interest rates were too high. Nor are we experiencing a debt crisis because of too FEW debts! Clearly, we got into this mess because everyone — from banks to companies to consumers — have too MUCH debt and are now scared to death, cancelling purchases, hoarding dollars like there’s no tomorrow.

Here’s the key: The cheap money the Fed is providing can buy some things. But it cannot buy CONFIDENCE! To restore confidence takes a long, LONG time. And without it, banks won’t resume lending. Nor will consumers or businesses resume spending.

Deflation is a LONG-TERM reality in the U.S.! Therefore, it’s more crucial than ever that you get the answers you need to survive and THRIVE in the year ahead.

But events are moving so quickly, we can’t leave the video of today’s event up for long. So the ONLY way I can guarantee you’ll have the opportunity to watch it is for you to click this link now!

In this historic emergency briefing, we did everything in our power to help you protect your income, savings, investments and retirement with frank, objective, timely and actionable analysis and recommendations — the answers you need most right now."

When I was an investment newbie, I sent Martin Weiss 2.5K for a six months subscription to an "Interest Rate Advisory". It turned out that Martin has hired some
"expert" who agreed with his thesis at the time, interest rates were going through the roof. Needless to say my over 10K was gone is two months. Did Martin apologise, admit he was wrong and refund the sub. No, he apoligised and moved on to the next "service". That is the mystery of Martin, he makes a compelling fear based case, talks about his fathers experience and then leverages the lot with an expensive offering and then Leaves you to go hang.

Avoid this man like the plague.


Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience with Martin Weiss, Kevin, in the 1997=1998 time frame. I too was a "newbie", and after starting with one of Weiss' low-cost newletters was enticed to purchase an expensive, fax-based advisory from him. He was saying some of the right things about the approaching burst of the tech bubble, but his timing was terrible - he had subscribers making leveraged bets against tech stocks for the last year or two of their dramatic rise. Like you, I lost thousands taking this advice, learning an important but expensive lesson about people who use fear, greed, or just over-the-top excitement to sell things.

Hope your fortunes are better now, despite the current climate.

Jr Deputy Accountant said...

Buyer beware.

I'm sorry that you were fleeced by Weiss but the reality is that you have to sniff these things out on your own - NO "expert" is legit. Not a single one.

People ARE making money in this bloodbath... but it isn't because they are listening to the "experts"

Just sayin...