25 March 2008

You never see what kills you

I'm sure there are oh at least one thousand people alive and observing the current day and age and even participating a little; one thousand who have the brains to work this out.

The current banking system has got itself into a logical bind, you see. Well, that is, I don't think that many WILL actually see...

Some historians believe that history takes vast new courses only due to technology, and not to the politics or the morals, hazardous or otherwise.

Look at some wildly extreme examples:

Given that we have just left Easter, a time commemorating when someone disappeared from a burial crypt and was claimed by some followers and some opponents, to have actually survived death and appeared again in some kind of wall-penetrating yet seemingly physical way... Had this have been an event re-achievable by a truly wide cross-section of the entire world, well just imagine it - all the deeds and misdeeds of normally mortal people would be cause for concern indeed from that point on!

I would be investing in powerful painkillers and psychology books, in such circumstances, so great should be the need for them that I could envisage.

As it is however, what was a truly widespread innovation among the sons of men, was the invention of the horseshoe - possessed initially by the Visigoths - which led directly to the ultimate collapse of the Roman Empire.

History and economics and social conduct are all part of a complex and variegated topographical framework. It is certain that both the weaknesses of the pre-fall Roman social and political panorama can supply numerous pages of description of scholarly interest.

In the same way that the basic engineering of a steam engine was known at the time, but took almost two thousand years to be applied by humans properly or even understood for the power that it afforded, it may only be a small step that eludes people's intellectual grasp that provides the difference between the status quo and some genuine New World Order.

Octavian, the Venerated Caesar, pronounced the first real New World Order.

He was young but gifted with extraordinary insight.

You cannot compare people like Cheney or Bush or Obama to an Octavian. And therein lies one clue.

It is an absurdity to think that empty heads such as these or the media-obvious loud mouthed egocentric self-opinionated but crass wealthy, can command and control the whole world. History runs its course at first seemingly very slowly.

Octavian, were he to live today, would once again have to deal with and make allies of lesser men than himself.

Jesus Christ, were he a real individual with volition, would, I submit, be taken to a radical thought, to resurrect Octavian, in this day.

Nay, a thousand Octavians, just for good measure. Spinning webs, one by one.

Not this particular trading day, will you see the results. but you will see the results.

The man in the street is soon feasted on mortgage bankruptcies and the illusion of private palaces. After the feast, the fast.

He wants but some bread and some fishes.

And dreams of heaven. Aboveall, this he craves. And such cannot be provided by the smaller kinds of men. When Wall Street was great, it provided such dreams. And in cases it actualized them too.

Never abandon the hope of winning by investing money; but seek out those of the most courageous thinking, however. They can provide, what none else may. People misunderstand the Greeks when they say 'Christos.' They mean it only, is divine, that is a thought which reaches the heavens and is entertained by what is itself immortal. Even in the most common of the Christian bybli, it says 'render unto Caeser, that which is Caeser's.' It does not avoid the mundane, nor knowledge thereof.

Were Jesus to have had a nephew whom he adopted as Caesar did Octavian, such an Octavian, I dare say, could wait a long time to exact a MUCH more exacting account.

Why the Fed does not see that revenge can visit them as uneasily, I cannot say. But I would refer them to the chapters in The Republic, which deal with the last days of Democracy, how it happens, and what happens to those who took the high moral ground whilst banging the lowliest serving wenches and debasing the currency. These things are the most certain things of all in history. The Tzar's Winter Palace events, the Killing Fields, The Holocaust. History is almost ONLY about such things. Will they never learn. These things are CERTAIN.

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