31 March 2008

Sinclair on gold

I don't speak at "pay for seminars" --- haven't for years. I want to help others understand what is going on and how to make decisions for themselves when I am gone.

I am Not in the conspriacy business....I have friends that fight that battle. I only provide facts that I know through contacts, research, and years of experience.

I don't believe....I KNOW and I have for a long time that Gold would go to at least 1650. (More on why in a bit)

Once we get to 1650 I will take you one step at a time beyond that.

2011 is when this WILL happen based on hard market basics....not pulling from hat.

My suggestions are conservative, no pressure. Please get your house in order.

ALL derivative losses occured at the SAME time....and were made worth 11-12 cents on the dollar. We see now the story slowly being told.

The inventors of the first derivatives went to jail in 1992(Manco and Edelman spelling? - Southern District of NY) as the courts ruled they were a scam as they did not hold enough liquidity to create that much profit. However, years later people brought them back as they made so much profit. 40-50% of the earnings for most firms over the past few years.

---however LAW was not considered when they were created. Huge numbers of Homes can't go into foreclosure because it's been securitized and sold so many times....who owns the loan ???? - we are seeing this now in the news. This will probably change quickly as they will realize this fully and declare "economic emergency" and lobby to change the law quickly.

This change in WORLD finance (all over) has put us all in jeopardy.

.5200 on the USD Index highest probability. Strong battle will occur when it gets to .6200

Unlike 1980 after gold finishes it's great move - it will NOT go down. When many gold mining companies hedge their gold who is taking the other side of the deal??? - it's pretty much the same group Each time. When Ashanti Gold blew up do to their gold hedges a few years ago the details showed that Goldman Sachs was first adivsor....but was just acting on behalf of another entity...."The Carlyle Group"....(It is mentioned in fine print on many details of this company in the Grand Caymans). This is the company (or Carlyle acting for another group?) that is literally acquiring the world's future gold production through contracts with mining companies. This is NOT a conspiracy, it's not only legal, it's Brilliant !

(My join the dots is that likely another person/family/group who resides in the Caymans is using Carlyle as their front to do this both corporately and personally)

This group is so powerful (possibly the most wealthy company in the world but not mentioned in rankings as it's private) that they will NOT allow 1980 Gold drop to occur this time. They have so much at stake already, it won't be a replay. Gold won't crater. US Dollar won't tank completely as this company has and will have the majority of their wealth denominated in it.

This is why I say that Silver is a game. Though it will probably outpace gold on a percentage basis - it will drop and gold with stay high. However, a lot can be made in Silver but it's not the same situation as gold.

A new Vehicle will be introduced into financial markets.....just as Gold hits it's peak in early 2011. It will probably dip just a tad from there but this new vehicle will be financial instruments attaching the US Dollar to the gold price. The currency will IMMEDIATELY be strengthened and bad perception changed overnight. US Dollar collapse stopped and bull created. (Major impact on pysche). THIS WILL COME TO FRUITION.

Price is Preceding Time (Gold rocking to almost a 1000 now) .......so this would say that my 1650 conservative as my target is based more on the time of the event in 2011. ---- I will take you through it all and tell you within 50-100 dollars of the peak of Gold.

No particular gov't admin set this up, they have just been chapters that have been in the works for a long time.

How do I know this? I have connections in the highest places that have told me and have now allowed me to talk about it. (Few will actually believe or understand).......IT IS COMING - it matters not who knows now.

Weimar Republic Experience is the closest thing to what we are in. The Germans purposefully devauled their currency but it got out of hand and they couldn't control it. Their currency went to zilch. The USD decline could also get out of control........BUT that is exactly why they have the new mechanisim in place !!!!!!

Q&A Session was great.

Here a few comments,

US losing status as top dog. Economics: China will be #1, and India & US will duel for 2nd and 3rd. US does not believe this and does not know....it is unstoppable. All minerals will have HUGE upside, gold just one of them.

Right now Junior Miners have been underperforming despite Gold rocking. It is mainly due to ratio spreads. Short the Juniors and Go long the Major using Derivatives, instruments based on mathematical concept...but on form of momentum concept that is now shifting. Machines are about to bust. Underlying assets way up, they will pop like popcorn!

How High will Gold Go? Time is sooner, price is higher. There are points above 1650, but won't tell you yet verbally yet.

There will come a point (soon?) where dissent could be / will be put down in a very harsh way. Reference the Kent State type incident potential in the future.

Take for example the US/Canada military co-operation to deal with future civil disobedience that was just announced last week. This is but insight for what they are expecting in terms of cival unrest due to potential food shortages, rising costs, economic problems, etc.

The key is that the United States isn't going to fall completely apart - but it is going to go through some major change...prepare now.

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