2 November 2009

Black swans, debt, risk and mother nature ~ Taleb audio

Taleb soars over pompous journos, the clueless predictions of economists and a politician called David. Not to be missed.

The idea that All swans are white" was held to be true, in all possible worlds until black swans were found in Western Australia. That discovery changed, forever, the way we view the world and our understanding of what is possible. Nassim Taleb has taken the discovery of black swans in the natural world and utilised it as a metaphor for unprecedented happenings. The internet, the 9/11 attack on New York and the recent global financial crisis are examples of Black Swan events. Such events were once unimaginable yet like a black swan, they are now part of our known world.

Highlights of Nassim Taleb in conversation with UK Conservative party leader David Cameron. They discuss how Black Swan thinking can be applied to make an economy more robust and less prone to collapse.



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