12 August 2009

So your a swing trader who wants sage advice?

I've thrown a ton of money at the problem and have seen some remarkable work. The idea that you can't get good trading advice on the net is a myth but there does seem to be a inverse relationship between size and sense.

Gary is no socialist (not that I am, so much, but I do think elites have overworked the folly of helping people meme, they have had no problem helping themselves and I think the US must have universal health care....I have enjoyed our discussions,but we disagree, thats all I'm really saying..) and he doesn't buy hype and honours his methods.....

NFTRH is geared toward seasoned investors and traders as well as novice investors in the learning stages. Be aware that the very origins of Biiwii.com are rooted in hype aversion and anti-convention. I believe that 'in the box' thinking has caused many people to get in trouble as of this writing (NFTRH official launch 10/1/08). This view is evidenced by the fact that Biiwii.com (but it is what it is) was launched in 2004 with its very first commentary warning of the dangers so outwardly apparent now. Do not expect the usual stock pick touts and chirping about performance. Risk management plays as important a role as capital appreciation over the long term.


sample letter

Futures, options, CFD and forex playas with experience and sound with risk management will find that the incredible claims of the "Daniel Code" website are amazingly, justified by past performance. The proprietor is a man of talent, charm and wisdom; his methods are gaining him a following.


Taking responsibility for your life, your health and your wealth is a very serious business. Never imagine that you can, for example, as a newbie, trade yourself out of a financial jam, because your emotional stake in the outcome will guarantee failure. Be wary of beginners luck; so often confused with native genius. Never imagine you can day trade to victory, because the shorter time scales only offer rewards to those with big edges and vast experience. Finally, No "black box" will ever make you money. Only always knowing what your doing and why at all times can do that. Engagement in online argument about the market or a particular stocks chart direction, btw, are not signifiers of maturity or future success. If you debate method, however, your on stronger ground.

Finding your own pace and style as a trader is important and that can only occour as part of the broarder goal of finding your own true nature and your own "Right Livelihood" and where forgetting ends and surrendering to "process" and "flow" in your life will point the way.

The "Trading Tribe" is massive for me. Read and explore the site.

Often the best returns rest on simple conviction, rather than put money in a lot of baskets, you find the basket you think best, put all your eggs in it and then watch that basket!

Honourable mentions with regards to the strategy of balancing fundamentals, paradigm building and medium long term swing trades...and good sense.. Jesse, Duncan,

I like this guy as well.

For the rest, look here....

Individual Mastery of the infospheres and interwebs is possible but don't fall for simple causalities or conspiracies or moral fables, the truth is messy and coming to terms with your own heart and true nature will be as much as part of making any sense of the world and your way in the world as any "facts".

So says I, anyway.

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