12 August 2009

Buy Gold & Stay Strong!

1. Fund manager Paul Tudor is not human. He's superhuman. He's the greatest money manager in the history of the world, and in my opinion, nobody is even close to him. The man uses massive leverage, yet he's never had a losing year since he started his fund 20 years ago. His biggest drawdown, ever, was only 13%. Massive performance combined with microscopic drawdowns is what defines the greatest fund managers.

2. Paul was quoted by Bloomberg yesterday in a rare public statement. He says the stock market advance since March is a "bear-market rally We are not inclined to aggressively chase the market here." [emphasis mine]

3. I translate that statement as "We're going to new lows, and the public should prepare for their financial deaths". The Dow longs are in the banksters' toaster. And one of their kids is just now making his way to the kitchen. Question: What happens when the kid presses the start button on the toaster? I hope none of you get to find out. Here's the Dow chart. I've layered in the RSI and MACD. What I see here is fund manager Wile Coyote smoking a big dynamite stick, that he thinks is a cigar:


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