23 April 2009

Silver metal; its high tech, solar and medical money ~

Don't wait to buy silver, buy silver and wait...KN

Since 2001, the production and proliferation of solar panels and solar-powered devices has been impressive. The future for solar power looks almost limitless. And why not? Solar power is the cleanest and cheapest form of electrical generation once installed. It’s the greenest of the green. Installation costs, while still formidable, are declining yearly. Silver plays an important role in collecting and concentrating the electrical current from photovoltaic cells. Another form of solar uses silver back mirrors to concentrates the sunlight.

The production and sale of hybrid vehicles has exploded since 2001, with Toyota’s Prius a common sight on the roads. These gas/electrical battery vehicles dramatically extend miles per gallon. When gasoline prices were at their peak, there were waiting lists for these autos. Honda is now introducing an even more affordable version, and many manufacturers will add hybrids or all-electrical vehicles soon. This electrical transmission requires silver to insure performance in batteries, contacts and switches.

China recently embarked on an ambitious long-term plan to become the leader in world production and sales of all-electric vehicles. China has recently emerged as the world’s largest producer and consumer of gas-powered vehicles. But China knows the limitation that gasoline-powered vehicles have in its future. They have decided to leapfrog gas and hybrid production to become the leader in all-electric powered vehicles. There should be no doubt that this requires vast quantities of silver.

When I wrote about superconductivity in 2001, the main promise was for electrical transmission. Some studies have shown that as much as a third of all electricity produced is lost in its transmission over high-powered wires (mostly aluminum). No, I’m not suggesting that silver will replace aluminum in high-powered transmission wires. Due to the cost and weight that’s not feasible. Besides, there’s hardly enough silver available as it is.

However, an announcement just this week, from the new Administration has focused attention on the electrical grid in our country. It is operating on a system that is essentially 100 years old. It is inefficient and loses too much electricity in transmission. As the world’s best conductor of electricity, silver will play an important role in the new technology and devices developed to increase the efficiencies of the grid.

Like China, we will also be producing and using all-electric cars in the near-future. As these vehicles are plugged in to be recharged, tremendous new strains will be placed the electrical grid. Where will the power come from? Only from new power generation and efficiency improvements in current transmission systems. All this requires silver in a wide variety of applications.

There will continue to be dramatic gains in solar power, electric vehicles and electrical transmission. The future will require significant quantities of silver. This will exert a powerful stimulus on silver prices. You should buy silver for its many electrical applications, not the least is the "charge" it can give to your financial well-being.


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