22 April 2009

Hommel on Armstrong ~ An outsider on a guy locked inside

We think Hommel can be discounted, somewhat. He sent me a silver oz once, no strings, that counts for a lot. NK

Last week, I reported my opinion that the moneylenders in control of the government are both incapable of stopping the silver fraud taking place, and unwilling. Many people think they are deliberately trying to destroy this nation. No, they are not that smart or purposefully devious. They are deliberately trying to line their own pockets, without one care about whether this harms this nation, or not. Or, even worse, they probably think they are doing the right thing, as even criminals justify their behaviors, as even Al Capone, famous bootlegger and crime boss thought he was merely serving the public interest of people who wanted to drink alcohol.

This week, I was given direct evidence that my opinion was right. I received a first hand account by Martin A. Armstrong, who writes from prison to expose the corruption of our financial system. Martin was beaten in his jail cell within an inch of his life, and afterwards, had the courage to expose everything he could.

To characterize Martin's report, it's as if the current financial system is a very large airplane, full of holes, crashing to earth at horrific speed, but those in power continue to wildly shoot their fellow passengers, and tear more holes in the plane, as they continue to jocky for position for the best seats in first class. Nobody in power is even thinking yet of dashing for the few remaining parachutes, being silver and gold.

It's as if those who are in charge are the decendants of the decendants of the decendants who set everything up, and are squandering their inheritance, because they have all totally forgotten that silver and gold are the only real money, and in short supply. They would know that silver and gold are in short supply if they paid any attention to fundamental analysis, but they do not.

Martin writes that the current establishment abandoned fundamental analysis decades ago, which is why so few listen to people like him, or even have the ability to listen to to the fundamental analysis that I have continued to present for the past ten years.

Martin says they care more about the control of predictions, than the reality of the predictions.

With that, here's Martin's report. Please pray for Martin's safety, and for the safety of my family as well. The people in power that Martin exposes are dangerous, and increasingly desperate people, who are even turning on their own.

Please read Martin's 17 page report. It's well worth your time. It's a real eye opener.

Looking Behind the Curtain
The "Real" Conspiracy
April 9th, 2009

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