26 March 2009

What's with American anti-Greenhouse wackoism

Trader Dan from mineset.com

"Some of us have known for a long time now that the West was committing suicide with its absurd socialistic policies, political correctness and stupid immigration policies, but I did not think it was possible for even the leftists to go as far as advocating the death of many in their own society. God help us for these people are now very close to the reins of power.
(some greenie said the carrying capacity of the UK was about half the current population, actually a very non controversial position. Post peak oil, the nitrogen cycle and agriculture as currently conceived is in big trouble, no one was suggesting the population be put to death at 30.)

Maybe they can team up with the fools in the state of Missouri who are now targeting those who sport Ron Paul bumper stickers or who oppose the UN and cling to their guns and religion. After all , you could probably find about half the population of the US that falls into one of those categories that the elitists in Missouri came up with for their potential terrorist suspects. The list could be given to Porritt and his companions over this way, who no doubt share his sentiments, and they could clean out half of Britain and half of the US in one fell stroke. It would not surprise me to learn that those who advocate honest money, i.e. gold, would be on the list of expendables especially when so much of our exhaled carbon dioxide is given to denigrating the current failed monetary system.

(What the hell is he on about, well, some police force suggested that "radicals" might emerge from libertarian/survivialist or KKK ers. The epitome of reason and civilisation is to be found in a well defended hilltop Missouri, the state can be feared, its legitimacy denied but acording to trader Dan et al it can't be embraced and civilised because its in the pocket of elites. Hows that for the counsel of despair, the people who claim the light of the free world are ever keen to deny their own power to influence policy.)

Since I am a trader I would have to figure out how to deal with such a development. I suppose the best thing to do would be to immediately short the British Pound should these whacked out climate change greenies have their desires granted. By eliminating half of their population, tax revenues would plummet along with corporate sales. We could also buy shares of stock in British based crematoriums and funeral homes. Obviously, this is pure sarcasm for the benefits of those who might not have read my musings until recently.

(rant on....)

Why am I writing about this? Because it is a symptom of the internal rot of the West which is the cancer that is destroying our economic and monetary systems. The loss of ethics, virtue and character is what resulted in the downfall of ancient Rome. It occurred firstly in the character of the people and then affected all of their institutions. It is visible today as well in our own beloved society and unless a quick halt to the insidious process is achieved, we too as a people and a nation will go into decline. While it might be a bit unorthodox, my own view is that no currency can be “strong”’ unless the character of its people and its institutions is first strong. From that character is derived the policies and practices that lead to confidence and stability. Lacking those, nothing is left except chicanery, duplicity and gimmickry. Those can only hoodwink for so long – truth always prevails in the end, even over tyranny.

Beware, my friends, of those who cloak their intentions under the guise “for the common good”. These flattering dissemblers are the most dangerous of all."

The trouble with this rubbish is that from the very first city states like Ur, the government worked ONLY if it was sufficiently ’socialist’. In times of plenty, they collected taxes and in times of stress, they distributed food. Any attempt at running a society without a social contract is DOOMED because humans who are starving will overthrow it.

History is very clear about this. Only people living deep inside a very protective society can rail against having a protective society. Imagining, foolishly, that they ’stand alone.’ Dan stands alone? I doubt it.

This Western Civilisation is defined as white religion soaked fundies with guns attitude is very strong in the former slave states and the west, ironically the two places that suck the Federal teats very hard.

Stick to the charts Dan.

There is only one thing more wacko than anti-environmental wackoism and greenhouse denial and that when a thin slice of american conservatives claim the mantle of Western civilisation...

Western Civilisation is science and the library, a passion for learning and a talent for living. Its dance and philosophy, discipline and music. Its liberal and conservative in dynamic tension. Its a jurisprudence that honours Habeus Corpus. It steals from everywhere. It works hard and saves money. It cannot be defined by race because it is wherever the leading edge is.

Whatever Western civilisation is, Americans do not have a monopoly on it, rather they practice a variant that was quick to ditch its liberal, sceptical and scientific heart for the potent, powerfull and wonderfull myth that a single nation can define it eternally. The most generous thing you can say about the US is that by accident, it went broke seeding the rest of the world with the best of it.

Converts are often more sincere that those born into the faith.

Look at history, all politics and economic theories are eternally recycled, all fiat implodes, and the fiat of the US after such an apogee must implode bigtime.

Don't work out you frustrations by wishing for a return to frontier individualism and a ruthless materialism. The irony of freedom is that it arises only out of the rule of law and a well defended hilltop is not civilisation, its a last stand before a fall into a barbarism that will respect Trader Dan's property rights only at the wim of a local warlord and where he will pine for the protection of the state he condems. You need to run for office, Danny boy.

All that matters is the art of the machine shop and the research lab, the collective memory of new materials techniques and the hard won facts of science. Our tools and our understanding slowly improve against a backdrop of eternal growth and decay.

As long as we don't blow it up for good, we move forward.

Many goldbugs and self righteous conservatives say the concern for the public space is anti western civilisation. I'd say their monomanic individualism is the passing phase and a complete dead end. Would they ever have cleared the slums of New York, banned childhood labour in the rag trade, built the London sewer or the Hoover Dam, saved the atmosphere from cloroflourocarbons or the lakes of the Northern Hemisphere from acid rain.

No way.

We accept the findings of science, see the public space as a reflection of the private and am concerned for events both below and above the line.

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