19 March 2009

Calvin on the bailout.

Let's get something straight here - the motivation for all of this is to keep the income-earning and hence taxpaying, fee-paying, mortgage-paying, and pension fund-paying twit in the house.

It's not about keeping interest rates down. We are only talking about interest rates to the bulge-bracket in order to keep their capital program payment plan lingering with the crooks who worked it in the first place.

Interest rates - even interbank - simply either don't exist because nobody will actually lend at open risk, or are insanely high. The insurance premiums on debt defaults have gone up to 50% in some cases - and these are proxies for real interest rates to business.

This is all about dishonesty of the government and its friends the 'banking' industry, the greed and lack of imagination and vision that has them cling onto a bad - and a dead - idea.

In short, yes they are totally and completely out of control and eventually will change into what dead parasites become. Dust in the wind. And we ARE seriously talking about huge and vast and historic changes in everything you have ever known. The credibility - moral, ethical, and intellectual - of many pillars of the once well-established social order, is dead and gone forever.

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