12 May 2008

Buy Gold Now

With foreign-financed U.S. debt levels continuing to soar, an intensifying real estate bust, and other signs of economic exhaustion following one of the longest booms in history, the probability of a dollar crash is now openly talked about in financial circles. Yet gold—the ultimate escape from financial risk throughout human history—remains one of the least-owned financial assets, representing less than 2% of the typical investment portfolio.

Pushing aside Wall Street's perennial aversion to gold, in Buy Gold Now, investment expert Shayne McGuire skillfully reveals why the opportunity to profit from this precious metal, as well as protect yourself from risk, has rarely been better. Long forgotten, the 2,300% gold surge in the 1970s—when debt was one-tenth the level present in our economy today—is a return not even the 1990s NASDAQ could beat.

Masterfully researched and written in a straightforward style, Buy Gold Now makes a case for buying gold as protection against the rising risks of an unprecedented global currency crisis and as a profitable investment vehicle. It examines the country's current financial situation from a historical perspective, addressing some of the alarming issues that many economists today are pointing to with concern.

Shayne McGuire is the Director of Global Research at Teacher Retirement System of Texas, one of the nation's largest pension funds with $115 billion in assets. With 15 years of international financial experience, McGuire has managed a $2 billion European equity portfolio and was ranked among the best Latin American analysts by Institutional Investor in 1995 and 1996. McGuire graduated from Fordham University and holds a Masters in History and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. He lives in Austin, Texas with his family.

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