13 November 2007

Fitch Downgrades $37.2 Billion of CDOs

From Dow Jones (no link yet): Fitch Downgrades $37.2B Of CDOs, Slashing AAAs to Junk

Fitch Ratings downgraded Monday the credit ratings of $37.2 billion of global collateralized debt obligations, with more than $14 billion worth of transactions falling from the highest-rated AAA perch to speculative-grade, or junk, status.
The rating agency said more than 60 CDO transactions are still on watch for potential downgrade, with a resolution due on or before Nov. 21.

On Monday, nearly $20 billion worth of transactions was cut from investment-grade to junk, said Kevin Kendra, managing director at Derivative Fitch.
From AAA to Junk in one fell swoop!

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