21 June 2007

Market Ticker - housing dog crap.

Market Ticker: "Permits and housing starts came in like dogcrap, as expected. My shorts on the builders continue to look good, and I continue to ride that wave downward. In potentially very ominous news the western region of the nation showed the biggest decline in permits and starts; the western region has held up the best so far in the housing downturn. If we are now seeing this roll through to the west, we may be now seeing 'reality' intrude into the 'teflon' part of the nation, which bodes ill for future trends in this sector for the next six to twelve months.

On the goofy news page WaMu is losing some of its gains from yesterday on the clearly bogus buyout rumors. This sort of thing is getting to be so commonplace that I have to wonder if the companies are actually starting or participating in these rumors on their own! That, of course, could be highly illegal - but the pattern here, now going on for months, has to lead one to wonder.......

Potentially big, the 10 has broken the trading channel to the downside on yield. But it has also decoupled from equities - this sort of move a few days ago would have resulted in a monster rally in equities - its not happening now, with all the indices ignoring it today. As a consequence we have to take the 10 off the list of 'market movers' for the time being. The next few days are 'do or die' in terms of "

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