12 March 2007

Peak Gold

St. LOUIS (ResourceInvestor.com) -- Yesterday, South Africa’s Chamber of Mines reported that gold output fell last year to 275 tonnes, down 8% from 2005. Some sources say South Africa’s decline in gold production is now becoming a global affair, as seen in leading gold producing countries.
According to stats from GoldSheets.com, U.S. gold output for last year declined from 262 tonnes to 260 tonnes. Australian production fell to 251 tonnes from 263 tonnes. Gold produced in Peru declined to 203 tonnes from 207 tonnes. Russian gold output dropped 4 tonnes in 2006 to152 tonnes, while Canada fell from 118 tonnes to 104 tonnes.
“Production in Australia, South Africa, Canada and Peru is expected to continue slumping in the next few years, probably stabilizing in 2010, but never reaching their peak levels from years past,” said Neal R. Ryan, Vice President and Director of Economic Research for Blanchard and Company, Inc. Peak Oil

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