7 February 2007

Off to a Good Start in 2007

Safe Haven Off to a Good Start in 2007: "Silver also looks great. It's strong, solid and even though it weakened more than gold recently, it's still stronger than gold on a major trend basis (see Chart 3C). Silver shares have been the best of all, better than gold and silver, and much better than gold shares.
Silver is also poised to rise further. Chart 3A shows its solid rise above its rising 65-week moving average now at $11.30. With the leading indicator poised to move higher, silver now has the potential of reaching its May high near $14.88, and possibly surpassing it before the indicator reaches overbought (see Chart 3B).
Both gold and silver will be in a new ballgame above the May highs. Looking at silver's big picture on Chart 4, you can see that once silver breaks above the May high it will also be clearly breaking above its 1983 high, and it will be starting to enter the top side of its mega upchannel. Silver's next upside target would then be $22 before it eventually goes on to test the 1980 highs near $50.
For now, it's best to keep a larger portion of your metals portfolio in the physical metals or their ETFs, and keep more silver shares than gold shares"

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