28 February 2007

Calm Before the Storm?

Safe Haven Calm Before the Storm?: "CURRENT SITUATION - Everything seems to be going well in the financial world and the investing public is busy doing what it does best - bidding up stock prices after a big rally. Today, there is no regard for risk with the investors' greed being stoked by the mainstream financial media which claims that the US economy is in a sweet spot due to reasonable growth and low inflation (as measured by the bogus official statistics). In all fairness, the bulls have plenty to cheer about. After all, the long-term bond-yield in the US is still relatively low, the price of oil has taken a tumble and global stock markets are flirting with their record-highs. So, I ask myself whether we should join the herd or is it time for caution?
My observation is that dark clouds are gathering over the horizon and this is the time to be on guard. In fact, we may be experiencing the proverbial calm before the storm. Bearing in mind the recent developments in the Middle-East, I suspect that a geo-political disaster is around the corner. I hope I am wrong but it increasingly looks as though either Israel or the US will attack Iran over its 'nuclear program'. I had first forecast this in August 2005 and believe my fears will be validated in the near future. Over the past few weeks, Washington has increased its rhetoric over Iran's 'nuclear program' and dispatched the USS John C. Stennis and USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier groups to Iran. This is an ominous development and suggests that we may be at the brink of another war."

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