28 July 2006

Is World War III Coming to your Neighborhood?

ZAMAN DAILY NEWSPAPER (2006072835102): "Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, calls it the “third world war.” Bill Kristol, editor of the neoconservative Weekly Standard claims it is “our war.”
And the Bush Administration is standing by…and standing by…and doing almost nothing…until what happens? The devastating and immoral attacks by Israel on Lebanon’s people, infrastructure and land seem, somehow, rather disproportionate to the insults and injuries inflicted by Hezbollah’s border crossing two weeks ago. To be sure, the rockets and missiles falling on Haifa and other towns and cities in Northern Israel, and the resulting civilian deaths, are hardly moral or justified. Yet, when was the last time one country destroyed another in order to retrieve two kidnapped soldiers? And didn’t Israel just recently kidnap a good fraction of the Hamas leadership during its foray into Gaza? We need only recall various rescue missions mounted in the past to rescue Israeli captives (e.g., Entebbe) to recognize that Lebanon is the victim of something more than meets the eye. "

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World War Three is coming to every countries neighborhood as more than 100 memebrs of the UNO shall become colonies of one of the top six world powers during world war three.
World War three is a war by great powers on smaller powers and wars on oil producing OPEC nations.
India welcomes the Third World War.
Islam is a religion of Sword. Islam was imposed by sword on Egypt, Syria, Libya, Algeria and Persia.
Christians have a moral duty to reclaim Egypt, Syria, Libya, Algeria, Turkey for Christianity as no one ever became Muslim without the threat of sword.
Islamic nuclear weapons is a threat to human race.
Conquest and colonization of all oil-producing Islamic nations is a small price to pay for eradicating the Islamic nuclear menace.
(1) The "World War Three" has started.
"WORLD WAR THREE" has begun. Republican Vice President Dick Cheney declared the restart of the New Cold War in March 2006. Republican Former Speaker of the Congress declared the start of the first phase of the "WORLD WAR THREE" in July 2006.
(2) "World War Three" now promotes the national interests of United States, India and China. Imperial colonial powers of the yester years- France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Ottoman Turkey, Russia, Spain- are in decline now and they wouldnever again be world powers.
(3) The post-1945 decolonization process permanently weakened former colonial powers that also suffer from disastrous population decline due to the declining fertility rates of their women. The Declining populations would rule out any imperial pretensions of Russia, France, Germany, Japan, Spain and Italy.
(4) The 2006 start of the World War Three is in the geopolitical national interest of the United States as presently United States enjoys military preponderance in the world. The 2006 is the ideal time for the start of the World War Three as it would guarantee that the coalition of Allied Powers led by USA, India and Britain is highly likely to win the World War Three. Any delay or postponment of the World War Three would progressively work against the national interests of the United States. Now is the good time for the World War Three.
(5) The 2006 start of the World War Three is in the national interest of India as well as China. Any delay of the World War Three would make Islamic Nuclear Terrorism formidable. The World War Three should begin now, so that the civilized world may successfully De-Nuke Islamic Atom Bomb and Islamic Nuclear Weapons Delivery Systems.
(6) The 2006 start of the World War Three is in the national interest of Russia as it would allow Russian Army regain for Russia the glory it lost after the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991.
(7) The principal goal of the World War Three is to gain control over world's oil and gas reserves so that OPEC Oil Gas Producers are brought under the civilized occupation and control of the Great Power led Petro-Colonial Empires. The purpose of the World War Three is to partition the OPEC Oil Producing Nations into the spheres of influence of leading Six world powers, namely, USA, India, China, Russia, Europe and Japan.
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