13 July 2006

Flat Earthers Back in Control In Asia?

russwinter's Xanga Site: "It now appears that the Bank of Japan is firmly committed to ensuring that the planet continues to get a solid dose of inflationary atomic fallout. Despite the clear and present danger, such as this hot PPI report, these Wizards just can't help themselves, as they continue to debate whether the earth is flat or round. Although the end of ZIRP is likely at hand, it now seems the flat earthers are prevailing. Flat earthers in China also seem to be in the ascendency, choosing to deal with their out of control train with 'rules'. Just repeat after me, because it's a key concept. The word 'corruption' may as well be substituted for 'rules', when it comes to China. It simply means plutocrats get the bennies, while saps are deprived. Just makes plutocratic looting all the more effective. Andy Xie writes another good piece on China's flawed policy.
Meanwhile the Fed immediately moves to take advantage of the Yen weakness by doing their own version of Adam Smith (not) faux economica. After all many so called 'analysts' use TIPs spreads as inflation indicators, so why not just influence that a little, eh? Perhaps they will get more 'analytical' help when a doctored CPI report is delivered on July 19?"

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