12 December 2009

C H Powell tenders some reading recomendations.

Thanks Charles!

from Oklahoma, historical hotbed of economic doctrine AND debate:


the thinking person's commons for debate around appropriately
regulating the finance sector (by way of TED, 'the epicurean


wonderfully powerful, superbly written narrative of the
events/ructions of the global economy over the last thirty years

Warning: long paper which repays careful reading (SpacewaysChuck read
it in three installments; PDF can be downloaded......


and, concise, punchy version of the above by the authors of 'Cheap
Motels and a Hot Plate', my favourite new blog:


and, mike konzcal, one of the good guys:


SpacewaysChuck-navigating the post Lehman Bros, GFC infected, Mad Max
scorched Earth of the oldest Continent on Earth-since 2007"

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