23 October 2009


China has begun to show its patterned behavior. They buy gold precisely at weak technical points, thus maximizing accumulation at optimal price. They buy gradually, thus permitting the market to bring more supply at prices as they ratchet higher. The Chinese Govt has become entrenched in an accumulation program of gold, expected to become a part of whatever new global reserve currency evolves. But as they buy in quantity, the price goes up in direct response, frustrating their intention to collect as much as possible, before any collapse of the USDollar. The Chinese are reportedly amplifying their purchases at points of weakness, dictated by technical analysis. In effect, the Chinese could be using a reverse strategy from technical analysis methods, dictated by chart patterns, by pressuring the bid harder with more purchases when the technical indicators say they should be selling. They would thus position themselves opposite to the USGovt, which routinely smacks gold down prior to USTreasury auctions, or when the USDollar threatens to break below support. They would also position themselves opposite to professional traders, who tend to follow the technicals and USGovt official control banter. The Chinese will continue to obstruct the gold interventions, as the US-UK fascist tagteam loses control.

Another Chinese market factor will work to put more money in gold investors hands. Their A-shares for mining firms have jumped 150% to 200% in recent months. So investors in certain stocks can redeem some profits to accumulate the real thing, gold bars. Qin Weihuan is a researcher at China Gold Assn. He told China Daily, “In the past, gold prices dropped back after it hit over $1000 per ounce. But I believe this time the price has really breached the $1000 ceiling and will stay at these levels for some time.” Qin believe gold has entered a new ‘Era’ as inflation fears and uncertainly over the world financial system will prompt investors to look for safe havens in bullion. China will soon take full control of the gold market, and render the global monetary crisis centered upon the USDollar ballistic.


Fraudulent games have expanded in the gold market. In the last few months, much publicity has come (except to mainstream media) of how the COMEX can legally use Street Tracks GLD shares from their Exchange Traded Fund to satisfy short futures contracts in need of a buyer. Instead of rolling over the short contract, they ‘close it out’ by placing a GLD share in offset. So the corrupt pyramid of short gold futures contracts has been co-mingled with GLD shares from the ETFund. Challenges will soon come. The COMEX players and controllers do not locate and purchase gold bullion in order to satisfy the short contracts. They essentially infect the GLD shares instead. So would the real gold depository of the Street Tracks GLD fund please stand up???

In the last couple weeks, the London CME officials have had a terrible time avoiding a default. Some large players want the gold from their long futures contracts, in gold bullion from physical delivery. The Bank of England and one other unidentified central bank from the European Union have tried desperately to supply the delivery demand. In the process, they have provided and handed over more than a little ancient substandard gold bars. The London CME officials even offered a 25% dividend bonus if the gold contracts were satisfied in cash, rather than gold delivery in physical form. This entire incident centered on very high volume for gold also, not a trifling amount. Sounds like gold is worth $1300 per ounce to me!

This story grows worse, and again involves the Street Tracks GLD fund. Likely accounting fraud accompanies other efforts to confiscate their GLD backing of deposits held in gold.
The counter-parties in deep trouble are JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank, each heavily short gold and unable to produce it in the face of delivery demands. Central banks are probably aiding the plunder of private gold accounts. All integrity is at risk of being lost. Simultaneous irregularities have taken place during the LBMA ‘gold delivery incidents’ and official Gold Bar Lists maintained by the Street Tracks GLD exchange traded fund. Evidence points to the GLD gold bullion inventory taken to satisfy the London demand for gold delivery. Independent audits have begun in earnest by large private interests (mostly Arabs). Word came today the JPMorgan is accepting gold bullion in order to establish margin foundation for commodity futures trading accounts. They are indeed desperate, since a margin failure for clients would produce to JPM the gold.

So one might conclude that GLD shares are corrupted by virtue of satisfying the COMEX gold futures short contracts. So one might conclude that GLD deposits of gold as backing for the fund are corrupted by virtue of selling their gold bullion to the Gold Cartel in satisfaction of futures contract delivery demands. That seems to undermine the entire GLD fund, and to expose it as an Exchange Traded FRAUD. Fraud in physical gold deposit management is not the sole province of the Untied States and the Untied Kingdom. An Asian Depository has found ‘Good Delivery’ gold bricks to be gutted and filled with tungsten, another heavy metal. See Rob Kirby’s article entitled “Central Banking: A Blight on Humanity” (CLICK HERE) and also “Blight on Humanity Addendum” (CLICK HERE). What great financial forensic analysis work!

GET OUT OF THE 'GLD’ AND ‘SLV’ FUNDS, WHICH ARE IN ALL LIKELIHOOD DEEP FRAUDS THAT HOLD SHRINKING BULLION IN DEPOSITS. In time the GLD might be exposed as having little or no gold, and certainty inadequate amounts to back their fund for legitimacy. In time, my forecast is that the GLD fund will eventually sell at a 25% discount to the gold spot price, due to suspicion of fraud in its gold deposit management. Later, my forecast is that the GLD fund will eventually sell at a 50% discount when the investor lawsuits pile up and formal challenges are lodged. The weapon to pry open the vaults will be discovery and ordered independent audits with teeth. The final chapter of the GLD in my view will be its liquidation, with extreme discounts paid to angry investors. Their laziness and stupidity will be worthy of a footnote in history. The managers of the GLD fund and that for the SLV silver fund, are both main members in the Gold Cartel. JPMorgan is custodian to the GLD fund. Barclays manages the SLV fund. Those who believe the tactics and activity behind the curtains are different are indescribably naïve. They too deserve a meat cleaver outing with Sir Darwin on personal wealth.


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Patrick said...

ETFs are scams. Incidentally indices are scams. Indexed ETFs, double scams.

Yes the gold basis is manipulated and gold is probably in backwardation.

Yes China is keeping it an most other commodities well bid.

Yes GLD is fradulent, this was well documented by Project Mayhem of Zero Hedge back in June I think.

However, gold is nominally in contango and China is also keeping short-dated treasuries well bid. Sentiment is extreme, lots of leveraged speculative money in gold and via GLD as well, and there are people with a lot of unrealized losses on short positions and yet with ridiculous credit lines who are clearly laying down shorts in a methodical, distributive way as gold churns in its triangle. You know how triangles tend to end, boing and then splat.