17 February 2008

Cholesterol control is pretty much a scam.

Cholesterol control is pretty much a scam. The cholesterol total is not as important as the ratio. Each HDL molecule can gather up to 6 LDL molecules and return them to the liver for processing. If the HDL is low in an individual then the LDL can add to the plaque building process in the arteries. Just as many people with low cholesterol have heart attacks as those with high numbers. A longevity factor is link to high HDL numbers. The secret is to boost HDL and it will take care of the LDL for you.
Omega 3 will boost the HDL significantly. Walnuts, Cod liver Oil, Almonds etc should be introduced into the diet and substituted for other fatty foods/calories that may be routinely found in the diet. I had cholesterol that totaled close to 300. My HDL was only 42 or so at the time. I learned how to eat correctly and exercise routinely. My cholesterol total is now 195 and my HDL is 85. My blood pressure was 120-130 ish. It's now between 95-105. It's not rocket science, and statin drugs never prevented anyone from having a heart attack. It's just a money making gimmic with deadly consequences imho. I tried a statin drug (Vytorin) early on, and after a couple months on 10mg/day the muscles in my lower back and thighs were giving out with terrible pain. I took myself off of the statin and researched the problem and corrected it myself. I happen to be a biologist and studied the cholesterol issue for a couple of years. Just make sure you intake plenty of:
(1) Soluble Fiber--retains bile (stored in the gallbladder and used in digestion for fat metabolism) and forces your liver to borrow cholesterol from the blood stream to produce more bile.
(2) Omega 3---HDL production
(3) Magnesium- for insulin transfer across cellular membranes
(4) Cinnamon---for glucose control
(5) Plenty of endurance exercising i.e. Long brisk walks etc.
(6) Substitute cooking oils with virgin coconut oil. Use olive oil cold for salads. Olive oil is a good oil but oxidizes easily under low heat and should not be used much in cooking.
(7) Use plenty of garlic in cooking and drink green tea
(8) Stay hydrated---plenty of water during the course of the day especially if you're a coffee drinker or consume alcohol.
(9) Hope that helps.

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