9 October 2007

Harry on gold

On the other hand, Schultz' slowness doesn't seem to have hurt his performance over the past several years.

And Shultz's focus on gold is right on the news. He writes: "With an election coming, the Fed went for bandaging a slipping economy which affects votes and sacrificing the dollar, which is harder for the public to measure. Big rate cuts, like this 50 points, are always an act of desperation. Such cuts have usually been followed by recessions. More cuts will follow. It set the future in cement for the U.S. dollar. Cement overshoes. Currency debasement never produces wealth. Fed knows this, but took a political decision. Nothing new about that. Much higher inflation now guaranteed ... My tentative targets (by end of 2008): 14% (inflation), $1,600 (gold) and $45 (silver)."

Elsewhere, Schultz writes: "Gold is starting into the most exciting part of its long-term bull market, the so-called second (and monetary) phase. Herein we normally see the biggest percentage gains, matched by biggest corrections as we saw in the '70s gold rush: in 1974, gold corrected 25% in 4 months (most gold shares fell 50-70%); in 1975-76 gold fell 50% (most shares fell 70-90%) and took 2 1/2 years to get back to old high before then rocketing to new highs. But that makes for great trading opportunities. This is the phase where the BIG money is made, by those who go with the tides. In and out, in and out ..."

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