3 September 2007

Volkssturm Meets the Wizard of Oz: Get Iron Crosses

Winter (Economic & Market) Watch » Volkssturm Meets the Wizard of Oz: Get Iron Crosses: "The rout in the financial and real estate related job arena is on. Stories are making the rounds that Pig Men of various stripes will move after Labor Day to slash head counts significantly. Financial Times writes it will be 10-15% of staff, and high paid Bully jobs. This follows on the heals of the collapse of a number of mortgage outfits in August. Housing finance support companies like LandAmerica aren’t wasting any more time either announcing 1,100 layoffs. So far the BLS (Ministry of Truth) reports that construction employment is only down 75,000 from September. I have reported all along that these are totally fictitious numbers, but now estimates of one million job losses in that sector are making the rounds. More signs that economic strains on Brazil Americans continues to mount."

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