18 August 2006

New Stupid Mogambo Gold Lease-Rate Theory

Kitco - Contributed Commentaries - Richard Daughty: "You probably know me for the real peach of a guy I really am. And in the few times per day when I am not, there is always a lot of anger about the mismanagement of the economy, replete with screaming and yelling, the sound of approaching sirens and, sometimes, a lot of spent bullet casings scattered on the ground. It merely adds up to the new psychiatric diagnosis, Mogambo Psychonomic Syndrome (MPS), as recently discovered by Dr. George Ure.
So when Total Fed Credit went down by $7.18 billion last week, I really lost it, MPS-wise. I'm running frantically around the living room, dressed in an adult-sized disposable diaper, desperately sucking on this ridiculous pink plastic pacifier that seems, suddenly, to have lost its power to soothe, and I'm snarling and mumbling something that sounds like 'Mmfmn ngnngg gagunm mumm unh!'
My wife, barricading herself behind the couch, is frantically leafing through the Market Laboratory section of Barron's, hoping to find some good news to calm me down. I can barely hear her, as he is quietly muttering to herself 'No, I better not tell him that the Gross National Debt is at a new record, up $8 billion from last week! And if I tell him that Consumer Installment Debt went up $11 billion in the month of June, he'll really lose it!' "

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